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Meet Pastor Nick

Rev Nicholas Anane-Agyei, affectionately known by all as Pastor Nick, a native of Dormaa Ahenkro in the Brong-Ahafo Region of Ghana, West Africa is the Senior Pastor of Inner Court Sanctuary (praise Palace). He has a refined sense of the moving of the Holy Spirit and is gifted by Him in this end-time to carry His message to the world. When Pastor Nick speaks, he speaks into the God given DNA, destiny and potential of an individual. The messages he carries across are filled with the passion, healing balm and the unconditional Love of Jesus Christ. He is known to lead his congregation, time and time again into the presence of the Lord in worship even before he delivers the messages he carries. There is always a deep sense of intimacy with the Lord as he leads his congregation in moments of worship.

As a Preacher and Teacher of God?s Word, Pastor Nick?s messages are filled with divine wisdom and practical application by the Holy Spirit which is also confirmed with signs of healing to the body, soul and spirit. His inspired messages, impart biblical truth that lifts his hearers to new levels of victory as they pursue their God giving potential.

Rev. Nicholas Anane-Agyei is an example to his congregants. A leader who leads by an example to those he has been entrusted. He is always found having great moments with the young as well as the elderly. Moreover, his passion for music inspires all who visits the church as he plays his musical instrument unto his maker. He has compassion for the broken hearted and a God given desire to help people reach their divine dreams and potentials. He is burdened with the expectation that many in Christ will cross the finish line by fighting the good fight of faith.

The body of Christ is blessed to have our Pastor, leader, and shepherd as a gift that nurtures the manifestation of Jesus Christ on this earth. Pastor Nick?s gifting gives life to God?s purpose of ?being conformed to His image? and his supernatural gift of encouragement restores broken dreams and infuses life into dead visions and dreams. Pastor Nick is truly a needed life giver, a person ordained by God for this generation.

Rev. Nicholas Anane-Agyei has a dual Bachelors? degrees in both Toxicology and Nuclear Medicine and he is the spiritual advisor to the Adonai Magazine (a non-denominational monthly magazine). He is married to Mama Kate and both are blessed with four kids (two girls and twin boys), Gilda, Nicholas, Nelson, and Janel.

What to Expect at ICS (Praise Palace)

When you come to Inner Court Sanctuary (Praise Palace), you will quickly find a warm, friendly group of people committed to making church exciting, life changing, and enjoyable. God has a plan and purpose for every individual on the surface of the earth and Praise Palace is a place where people can identify their purpose. Our objective is to help anyone that walks into our corridors to identify and live in this God giving plan. This we do by:

Praying ceaselessly (I Thess. 5:17).

Uttering sacrifices of Praise, Thanksgiving and Worship unto our God (Psalm 100:4)

Reshaping our future through the word of God and by prayer (Joshua 1:8)

Persevering over the challenges of life through prayer and fellowship (Math.7:7-8) ;( Heb10:25)

Obedience to the ordinances and statutes of God (John 14:15)

Serving the Lord with our body, soul and spirit?(1 Corinthians 6:20)

Experiencing life through the word of God which is a spiritual mirror to us (James 1:25)

Sunday Worship Service

Sunday Service

Join us in worship this and every Sunday
11am – 2pm

Wednesday Bible Studies

Wednesday Bible Studies

Every Wednesday, you are welcome to join us for Bible Studies.
8pm – 10pm

Friday Prayer Meeting

Friday Prayer Meeting

Join us this and every Friday for?Catch the Fire our weekly Prayer Meeting
8pm – 10pm

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About Us

Inner Court Sanctuary (Praise Palace) is a Holy Spirit inspired church, founded in July 15th, 2010 in the Bronx, New York by Rev Nicholas Anane-Agyei and his wife along with a small group of people who shared a common vision of lives being transformed by the power of God.

Inner Court Sanctuary (Praise Palace) is a strong Bible based, Spirit filled Church and believes that every individual needs to have a personal relationship with God and also grow in relationship with one another in order to fulfill their God given destiny in this life.

Praise Palace is assigned by God to provide a Christian Ministry that reaches out to all people around the globe to help lead them into a personal relationship with Jesus Christ through His word. Our goals are not limited to leading people to Jesus, but also to "make disciples of all men" unto our master. Objectively, we work hard to bring glory to our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ by winning souls for the Kingdom.

At Praise Palace, there is a channel of God?s divine transforming power through the Holy Spirit which is manifested in the daily Christ-like lifestyle. As a church, we have a strong commitment to see God heal the broken hearted, set captives free and to see people restored to what God intended them to be. It is our highest expectation that we work hard to maximize our God giving potentials as we work to overcome any weakness that will prevent the glory of God on our lives.

Reading from Psalm 100:4, we are admonished to enter the gates of God with Thanksgiving and into His Courts with Praise. Moreover, Psalm 22:3 declares that God inhabits in the praises of His people. Here at Inner Court Sanctuary (Praise Palace), we believe in the power of praise, thanksgiving and worship seasoned with the word of God. Therefore, we work endlessly to create an atmosphere in our fellowship for God to shower His glorious blessings upon us.

We welcome you into our services anytime you are in the New York metropolitan area. May you stay blessed under the mighty hand of our King.

Contact/Service Times

Contact Info

+1 (718)-676-0613
1575 E. Gun Hill Rd., Bronx NY 10467

Service Times

Wednesday Bible Studies:
8:00pm - 9:30pm

Friday Catch the Fire:
8:00pm - 10:00pm

Sunday Service:
11:00am - 2:00pm

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